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Picture of 1909 Model Z This is a 1909 Model Z Stanley, originally designed in 1908. In July of 1908 the first 20 Z's were completed and shipped to Loveland,Colorado. The Z's performed with great success hauling guests from the railroad station to the Estes Park Hotel. Until then, none of the dopot hacks could make the 35 mile climb without overheating. With a 4.5 bore and 6.5 stroke few could match the torque of a 30 horsepower Stanley. The model Z is equipped with a 26" boiler,118" wheelbase and can accomodate nine people in the roomy bench seats. A flatbed version was available for hauling luggage. The Z became a cataloged model in 1909, at a cost of $2,000.

Picture of 1910 Model 64 Nearing the final days of it's restoration, this 1913 Stanley Model 64 was one of the first cars that had wooden frame rails with aluminum skinned body. The Model 64 came equipped with full-elliptical springs and 25" wheels.

Visit the Stanley Museum online or in the beautiful state of Maine.

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